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Finding your future in Aviation and Aerospace

YIPEE is the 24/7 Virtual Career Expo to help link youth, educators and companies. Helping build the future workforce for aviation and aerospace!

Launch goal of early 2021!

aviation and aerospace jobs for youth

Get Ready to Launch!

Through YIPEE, both you and your future workforce and students will be able to:

  • Attend exclusive presentations and webinars from YIPEE members and professionals!
  • Access occupational information and educational streams
  • Search companies, educators, courses and by searching locally, provincially & nationally
  • Link potential job seekers to your postings and careers
  • Capture and link communication to companies and key team members

AND BEST OF ALL…YIPEE is FREE to all Youth and visitors…an unlimited audience for you to reach with your brand and message!

How To Be Part of YIPEE

We offer specialized packages for any company, educator and trainer, sector organizations and affiliated groups to help you inform, motivate and link you to youth and future workers across Canada…and maybe further!!

CHECK OUT OUR PACKAGES….and note the special rate for non-profits and small companies!!

For Early Birds….join before launch date and receive an additional 10% off of any package.

Special Offer Save 10% until January 15, 2021.

Any provincial or national aviation or aerospace organization who provides a list of their members or contact list will receive a FREE 1-year Basic Package (“we’re only looking for the public information – company name, address, website”).

To become a YIPEE member, just contact us and we’ll get back to you at mach speed!!