AIM-AA: Helping to Build Your Future Workforce

An Initiative of R.E.A.L. Services Canada

AIM-AA (Advanced Aviation Model for Aviation and Aerospace) is a leading initiative that focuses on developing and evaluating new models with industry and youth to build the future workforce. AIM-AA works directly with aviation and aerospace, and educators and trainers, to plan and evaluate new initiatives that will help to provide youth with skills, training, certification, career focus, education and apprenticeship. AIM-AA will work with youth aged 14-21 across Canada and can target specific regions, demographics or age groups to fit the goals of the partners and each project.

Pilot projects are established in consultation with industry and local companies and providers and can occur anywhere in Canada. AIM-AA focus is to work within each project partnership to plan and execute the initiative and conduct research and evaluation. AIM-AA has some funds to support the project in such areas as resources/supplies, equipment, transportation for youth, instructor support, testing and certification processes, and overall project management. We rely on the partnership and contributions from the partners involved in each project, whether that be expertise, instruction time, use of equipment or facility, financial support or contributions of supplies and equipment.

The focus is on any occupation or profession that is in demand in the sector, and projects can be targeted to specific regions, to specific age groups, and be of any duration or size determined within the partnership that is relevant or required.

The types of projects and the associated topics and activities are fully flexible – the key goal is to test out new ways of preparing and guiding youth towards occupations in the sector. It may be a brand new initiative, tweaking of some previously successful models, or a deeper dive into an existing models to determine new methods for improving outcomes or increasing quantities of trained individuals.

To find out how you can get involved as an employer or educator/trainer, send email to [email protected].

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