Virtual Training for Pilots – be part of testing a leading edge training platform!

Through the expertise and efforts of Delphi Technology Corporation based in Winnipeg, the world of virtual training is about to launch forward. The team at Delphi, lead by CEO Alan Tay, a new training experience will be available soon for those who are interested in gaining their pilots licence.

Under their VR City platform, aspiring aviators will gain access to a sophisticated, yet highly user-friendly, training system that will guide them through the many facets of learning aviation flying skills.

And now, in conjunction with REAL Services Canada ( and the AIM-AA initiative, interested individuals who are 16 years or older are invited to test out this virtual training platform. Information flyer is included, but for more information and to register to be a tester please go to

While this new ‘virtual training’ structure is focused initially on pilot training, the full mission for Delphi is to work with industry and educators to create multiple occupational training capabilities through the platform which meets all of the required standards and is accessible from anywhere in the world. Already, interest from post-secondary educators, airlines and training providers is occurring, and the system is built to meet ICAO standards (International Civil Aviation Organization), a global organization of 193 countries that develop and adopt international aviation standards.

Delphi is also working on some virtual STEM training through their platform, targeting youth in the 11-14 age group as a way to engage and interest them in these elements and aviation/aerospace. Given the significant changes over the past year that have highlighted the need for solid, virtual training system, VR City offers a leading opportunity to help educate and train future pilots for the industry and eventually other skilled professionals.

Delphi Technology Corp. and REAL Services Canada

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