How to get your RPA (‘drone’) licence in Canada!

Sunday, April 18, 2021 @ 7:00PM Eastern

The use of drones throughout aviation and many other industries is growing in Canada and around the world. Join Harish Jadeja, president of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, Operations & Training Corporation (RPASOTC), for a presentation and Q&A on the regulations, process and certification of RPA pilots in Canada, from basic to advance licenes with Transport Canada.

Harish is a certified RAP instructor in Canada and works in many regions and with different industries and professionals. He is also working with REAL Services Canada and the AIM-AA initiative to test out some new training models for RAP pilots in Canada, with a focus on youth.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, Operations & Training Corporation (RPASOTC)

Hosted By: Harish Jadeja from Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, Operations & Training Corporation (RPASOTC)

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